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GSE welcomes research in all topics related to governance, sustainability and the environment. Interdisciplinary research is particularly welcomed.  For more information see our Author Guidelines or contact

Copyright and permissions

GSE is committed to protecting authors’ work, whether published by GSE or elsewhere. All content published by GSE should be the author’s original work, or the original source clearly acknowledged. 

When submitting via the GSE online submission form, authors will be asked to confirm that they have read and agree to the conditions set out in the GSE Copyright Statement. Read more about our copyright and permissions policy here.

Review and comment

GSE Research publishes both open and traditional peer reviewed book series. Open titles are first published online on the GSE Research website, where they are available to be reviewed by members of the GSE community. The authors are then invited to make alterations or edit their work in order for it to be included in a volume of the appropriate title book series.

Where an author chooses to submit to an open peer reviewed series, specialist reviewers will be invited to access the paper and offer their critiques in an open and transparent manner on the GSE website. Click here (link to Review and Comment) for more information. 

Open peer review is an ideal way to put your research work out into the public domain as quickly as possible and to gather feedback from fellow researchers in the field on work-in-progress. 

Working with its sister company, Greenleaf Publishing, GSE also publishes book series and journals with a more traditional, blind peer review process. 

To find out more about GSE and book series, visit our Publications Page.

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